Let the communities talk

Next speaker in line on the Community Conference in Copenhagen was Uffe Kjems, Community Manager at TC Electronics. The company has one of Denmark’s most popular Facebook pages with 235,000 fans and 13,000 followers on Twitter.

His key advice to engaging with users on social platforms is: Give them something to talk about – and let them talk. 

In TC Electronics, all acts and statements on social media is strongly tied to the overall company and product strategy – and he advices companies to do the following:

  • Create ongoing relevant and engaging content – videos are essential
  • Keep the communication at eye level
  • Be transparent: The truth will always come out
Community Manager Jeff Beekhuis from Trendsales also contributed with good advice. Trendsales is Denmarks largest online shopping site with 600,000 users and 750,000 ads. His key advices are: engage users, create freedom – it’s the users’ platform, know your target group on each platform and know your unique selling proposition.