Forget press releases – use newsletters


“ – Let’s make a press release…”

The idea occurs almost reflexively, when companies have something new to tell. This way of thinking also involves the expectation, that the media naturally will find the story interesting and publish it. Yet, a lot of companies are taken for a ride.

When you are done complaining about ignorant, posing journalists, you might want to think about other ways for your company to get its message through to those, you want to reach – without depending on the transient agenda of the media.

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The ambiguous segment

Communication professionals consider segments before anything else. We can’t help it. When we begin a new project, conduct an analysis or gather for lunch – yes, it’s almost that extreme – we immediately think of our target audiences.

But something has caught my attention lately: the fashion-culture-eco-music-literature-café-blog-people obviously belong to a certain segment. But their blog behaviour says otherwise.

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Community minded, egocentric or something else?

Culture, ecology and literature are the characteristics of one segment. In Denmark, we call these people “spelt people”. They are the community minded, those who value solidarity and fellowship more than the individual.

But I have noticed them posting pictures of themselves reading books, eating ice cream and promoting their personal, organic beauty products or their new dress. So my question is: are you really community minded when you – in a café with your ‘spelt friends’ – take pictures of the ecological elder flower juice on the table instead of your friends? To me, it tastes a little more like individualism and materialism… 

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