A Twitter for Photos – a good idea?

Yesterday a new social media site emerged. Phandy.


It’s a microblog for online photos. When the people behind try to describe their new invention they say: “It just like Twitter – only for photos”.

The launch was done in a real social media way. They broke the news on… Twitter – of all places 🙂 They wrote a few tweets and then they made a tweet reply to Mister Social Media, Robert Scoble.


This tweet got the buzz going – not fast but enough to get some attention. But not enough to get Robert Scoble write more than a tweet about – no blog post (yet) like he did on another new social media service Plinky.

I also read the tweets by Mr. Scoble and curious as I am – I went and joined Phandy. (My profile is here).

My goal was to see if this was a service worth while – and the first answer is yes… and the final answer is no.

Yes – because it’s fun and easy to share picture you stumble upon when you are surfing the web. And it’s fun to watch what others find, but then again – what’s new here? You can follow people on Flickr, watch pictures on Twitter (very easy if you use teh Firefox add-on PowerTwitter) etc.
The service is new so it of course have a lot of small things which is not working properly and some thing needs some development – and that’s fine and understandable. And it’s the right thing to do – because lot of the things missing can only be discovered by the people using it.

But I think the main reason I will say no to this service at this point is a very boring thing. It’s the legal aspect. I know I know… Legal departments takes all the fun out of everything, but here I see a major problem. When you post and share the photos you actually show the photo. You don’t just link to it – the photo is visible. And you don’t have an option where you can pay credits to the photographer and I bet there will be a lot of problems here. It not like on Twitter where you just link to pictures, blogpost, articles etc. And that can be an actual show stopper….

So IMO the idea is good – but the execution failed (at this point) and even if Phandy can fix their problems it’s still more nice to have than need to have.

Just talked with the creator of Phandy and he told me that they are looking in to a way of dealing with the legal issues – perhaps sometinng like the way Google Image Search handles same issues.