Ways to a Successful Pitch

Want your pitch to pan out? Consider certain things before you pick up the phone.

Once, I participated in a media training workshop. The instructor asked me and the other participants to each come up with an idea for a news story which we had to pitch to a journalist over the phone.

I chose a hypothetical, groundbreaking story: I was working for Novo Nordisk and I wanted to announce to the world that we had found the cure for HIV. It goes without saying that the journalist was interested in my story. In fact, I didn’t even have to try to convince him about the news value of the story – the story sold itself.

A pitching experience like the preceding one, however, is the exception rather than the rule. Usually, it requires a greater effort to gain a journalist’s interest – and for good reason: journalists are being bombarded by companies with stories of all kinds. Therefore, if you want press coverage on a story – that might not warrant publicity to the same extent as the aforementioned about HIV – the question is: what can you do to increase your chances of breaking through the media gatekeeping? This is where the art of pitching comes into play. Continue reading “Ways to a Successful Pitch”

Food bloggers: What do they really want?

5 usable advices when pitching food bloggers

The new generation of food bloggers rides on the wave of our striving towards a healthy lifestyle. Through their blogging, they have become icons and trendsetters with the power to influence consumers. As PR practitioners, we can’t ignore the fact that we need their help, if we want the consumers’ attention.

By blogging about certain trends within food, health and their experiences with new products, they provide great exposure for companies and brands. And exposure is exactly what everyone is fighting for. But how can we stimulate them to blog about our clients and their products? What do they really want in return for their attention? Based on my own experiences, I have chosen some usable communication advice, which will hopefully give you a head start in the fight for the much coveted blogger attention.

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