A Precondition for Authentic Communication

The need to learn about organizational culture is a continuous necessity for a communicator

People working with communication must be abreast of the culture(s) in their company. This is one of Nikolaj Stagis’ main points in his book called ’The Authentic Company.’ The background for his statement is that there is a great need for authentic communication in today’s society. This is because many people have become weary of exaggerated advertising and spin.

So, in order for communicators to be able to create authentic communication, Stagis argues that they need to have a thorough understanding of the culture in their company. This is important because it enables communicators to articulate communication that corresponds with the organizational culture. In that way, communication becomes authentic since the company ‘walks the talk,’ so to speak.

In the light of this, the question is: How can communication professionals learn about their company’s culture? I will answer this question by presenting some brief recommendations.

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