The target groups prevail after the perfect storm

Finally, I found time to read Peter Svarre’s book ”Den Perfekte Storm” (read: ”The Perfect Storm”). It is excellent. Pragmatically, well written and it sharply delivers the tools at a systemic level, to take on the chaotic social medias that have created disorder in the good old structured and calm media universe. And as Timme Bisgaard Munk from the Danish network of professional communicators ”Kommunikationsforum” sums it up, you will consume this book like a crime novel. I did too.

Just a cautionary note

Peter Svarre has a pool of social media friends that have helped him with the book. But the book suffers from it – because it is seen through the eyes of a group of social media first movers (critics would say digital high brow inbreeds). Give me segments: Blue, green, blurry, faithless, postmodern target groups that speak with many voices. Just to mention a few parameters I miss. Has he totally rejected conventional communications tools as old school and out dated?

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