Social business is the new black

The Community Conference 2012 in Copenhagen is on, and the first speaker was Peter Kim, Chief Strategy Officer at Dachis Group.

Peter told us to think about the concept social business instead of social media. By using the social business frame, you take a holistic stand to social media by integrating all aspects from business partners to customers and workers etc. Peter Kim says, that we have all the right tools to explore and draw advantages of social media – we just need to put these tools together using the social business frame.

At the end Peter Kim introduced 10 tenets as to why social business is highly effective and how it should be used most effectively to connecting and engaging with the world:

#1: Anyone can participate

#2: Create shared value by default

#3: While participation is self-organizing, the focus is on business outcomes

#4: Enlist a large enough community to derive the desired result

#5: Engage the right community for the business purpose

#6: Participation can take any direction. Be prepared for it, and take advantage of it

#7: Eliminate all potential barriers to participation. Ease of use is essential

#8: Listen to and engage continuously with all relevant social business conversation

#9: The tone and language of social business is more effective when they’re casual and human

#10: The most effective social business activities are deeply integrated into the flow of work

For further reading check out Peter Kim and Dion Hinchcliffe’s book: “Social Business by Design – transformative social media strategies for the connected company.