Food bloggers: What do they really want?

5 usable advices when pitching food bloggers

The new generation of food bloggers rides on the wave of our striving towards a healthy lifestyle. Through their blogging, they have become icons and trendsetters with the power to influence consumers. As PR practitioners, we can’t ignore the fact that we need their help, if we want the consumers’ attention.

By blogging about certain trends within food, health and their experiences with new products, they provide great exposure for companies and brands. And exposure is exactly what everyone is fighting for. But how can we stimulate them to blog about our clients and their products? What do they really want in return for their attention? Based on my own experiences, I have chosen some usable communication advice, which will hopefully give you a head start in the fight for the much coveted blogger attention.

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Brands should act more like people

We can’t avoid brands interfering in our daily newsfeed on social media. A ‘like’ here, a ‘like’ there and suddenly all kinds of brands have found their way to your personal social routines. Now your screen features discount offers, product information and purchase invitations to all sorts of products. In my opinion, that’s not what social media is all about. I miss the dialogue and a truly social behaviour by the brands. But what does it really mean to be “social”? For the brands, being “social” often focuses on one thing: More likes, more fans and ultimately a higher turnover.

But why? Why is it that brands expect to increase their ROI by entering the social media landscape? Because it’s a new channel they feel compelled to use? Or because they, in reality, want to make the brand truly sociable? Sociability creates bonds between people – and possibly between people and brands. But it doesn’t make you sociable just being in social media.

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