Forget press releases – use newsletters


“ – Let’s make a press release…”

The idea occurs almost reflexively, when companies have something new to tell. This way of thinking also involves the expectation, that the media naturally will find the story interesting and publish it. Yet, a lot of companies are taken for a ride.

When you are done complaining about ignorant, posing journalists, you might want to think about other ways for your company to get its message through to those, you want to reach – without depending on the transient agenda of the media.

The media will always be a non-navigable filter between your company and its stakeholders, and companies have to challenge their way of thinking in order to surely reach strategically important target groups with relevant messages.

One solution is the news letter, which is often used as an effective communications tool. It is easy to produce and distribute, and by using email based newsletters a company’s message can be targeted at a certain group of recipients. And what is more, the message is freed from getting through the media’s eye of a needle and a journalistic interpretation.

Will they read it…?

The challenge is to ensure, that the recipients also read the newsletter. Tons of newsletters are saved – but never read. The art of newsletters is to instantly capture the recipient. To do this, the company must consider the form and content.

Consequently, it is not enough to learn the necessary technique and just type. You have to prepare a strategy and know, what your company wishes to gain from the newsletter. In short: What role does the newsletter play in the company’s strategic communication efforts?

The content – and especially the structure of it – is crucial for the recipients’ response to the newsletter and for the amount of time they spend reading it. The content should be angled and graphically represented, and the topics must be relevant to the recipients just now. Therefore, timing is everything.

When all thoughts have been processed and unified in a concept for the company’s newsletter, it is time to reap all the benefits inherent in the newsletter:

  • Topicality
  • Direct communication to one or more specific target groups
  • The message reaches the most interested recipients
  • The effect of the newsletter can be measured
  • Allows for recipients to react to the newsletter
  • Subsequent dialogue with recipients
  • Direct link to websites and/or other sites
  • Connection with social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIN

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