From Words to Action

Despite a continuous flow of articles on the global, economic crisis, innovation is still high on the agenda. Optimists would say innovation is more relevant than ever, working on our bleeding economy as a healing balm.

Words are power, or… “Words foster reality” is a known phrase, and it has in many cases proven to be right. Still, it is puzzling how the crisis again and again is being highlighted leading to a deeper crisis, when the opposite happens to the subject of innovation. Maybe here, words aren’t enough.

Stories on the crisis are therefore self-perpetuating. Despite a long-standing focus on innovation in the media, in national strategies and in companies’ business plans, Denmark has slowly moved down the list of most innovative nations in the EU on parameters such as export of innovation, patents and venture capital*.

Actions foster reality We dig and dig to understand why the crisis hit, and why we still experience negative growth in Denmark. Perhaps we should ask ourselves, which actions to take in order to make innovation become the reality.

If Denmark finds the answer, not even words can boost the crisis anymore.

*Innovation Union Scoreboard 2011

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