iPhone – the new craze…

Today is the day a lot of people in Europe have been waiting for. It’s iPhone-day.

Thousands of people have been waiting in lines – some for days – to buy the new phone from Apple. And today they are all very happy because they have the new mobile phone – the iPhone.

For a communication professional it’s a very interesting case. I have not seen anything like this since the Tickle-Me Elmo craze in 1996 and Furby in 1998.

Branding – unique branding
What makes people stand in lines for a product which is not unique? Yeah yeah right, iPhone have a unique design and it have some nice features – but the technique and the specs are not impressive.

The iPhone have no bluetooth sync with a computer, no video, no MMS, only 2 megapixels camera etc.

All which are standard in most mobile phone today. So why are people so crazed about the iPhone?

The answer is branding! Very good branding. The best branding of a phone I have ever seen. The guys behind this campaign a very very good. They have managed to make a craze out of a 1 year old phone.

Everybody including the media have been excited. In Denmark all newpapers, televison and the bloggers have been writing and talking about the iPhone for months – well years, because they began the craze before the version 1 of the iPhone was launched last year. And now the newspapers proudly present their iPhone-sites etc. Impressive done by Apple.

Developer pays for the right to develop
And besides the facts that Apple have been doing a fantastical branding of the phone itself they have also convinced the public that the iPhone is such a great phone that you would like to pay for the right to work for Apple. Yes, it true.

One of the good things about the iPhone is the apps. You can download a bunch of them for free at iTunes. And some you have to pay for.

But a lot of the apps are not developed by Apple – they are developed by fans of the iPhone – people like you and me (well not me, because I can’t code anything… 🙂 ) And in order to develop anything they have to buy a developer kit from Apple – it cost $99 for a Standard Program.

So Apple are having people pay for the right to do their work – nice 🙂

Normally it would be the other way around – i.e. people get paid for their work. But not when it comes to the iPhone…

Well I’m very impressed by the branding campaign by Apple – but they have not convinced me. I will stick with my old Nokia N95 8GB until the iPhone gets all the stuff I need. Perhaps it will be a version 3 for me??

Sociale medier bliver blåstemplet (eller “Hvorfor har virksomheder behov for sociale medier?”)

Så er der snart ingen vej uden om. Nu har de sociale medier (eller Web 2.0. hvis man absolut vil…) fået endnu en anerkendelse. Denne gang er i det meget anerkendte business magasin Forbes.

Her har Mike Schaffner skrevet en kommentar
, der kort og enkelt beskriver, hvorfor virksomheder skal bruge sociale medier og tage dem seriøst. Ikke bare fordi sociale medier kan betyde en bedre dialog med dine kunder, men i lige så høj grad fordi fremtidens medarbejdere efterspørger dette hos deres kommende arbejdsgiver.

Ikke alene er det efterspurgt – sociale medier er en så stor del af de unges liv at de tager det som en selvfølge at virksomhederne er en del af dem.

Schaffner bruger en lille personlig historie til at tydeliggøre dette. Han beskriver hvordan hans egen datter giver ham “blikket” da han spørger hende om hun nu også har husket at tage sit netværkskabel med på hendes tur til Frankrig. Hun antager at der naturligvis er en trådløs internetforbindelse på hotellet – alt andet ville være mærkeligt. Og hun har ret. Hotellet er selvfølgelig udstyret med en trådløs forbindelse, som lige så naturlig er gratis (dette er dog ikke helt så naturligt i Danmark endnu 🙂 ). Men denne antagelse er ikke en selvfølgelighed for hendes ældre far. Men det bliver pine død nødvendigt for ham at lære sig denne tankegang, hvis hans forretningsliv skal fortsætte med at udvikle sig. Ellers misser han en lang række muligheder.

Eller som han selv siger det:

The point in all this is that there is a new generation of potential employees and customers that are accustomed to a variety of technologies being available, and they expect to see and use them in the corporate world. Whether and how we deploy these technologies likely will have an impact on our ability to attract new talent to our companies and to find and retain customers.

I artiklen lister Schaffner en række gode eksempler op omkring de mange muligheder ved sociale medier. Jeg vil anbefale at man selv læser artiklen – du kan finde den her.

Han slutter af med denne lille opsang, som hermed er videregivet:

Like it or not, our employees and customers–not to mention our competitors–are using these technologies now and will soon be expecting you to provide them, too. Don’t do it and you may find yourself at a competitive disadvantage. What are you doing about using these technologies inside your company?