WIRED are calling TechCrunch names…

Two of the most well known sources for IT and tech information WIRED and TechCrunch are now in the middle of a online fight.

The reason? WIRED have published a blog post talking about a new agreement between TechCrunch and The Washington Post saying that The Washington Post will begin running TechCrunch stories in the tech section of its site.

Nothing special about that you might think. But WIRED sees it otherwise. In a blog post a WIRED journalist called Betsy Schiffman writes:

We’ve got nothing against TechCrunch, but it seems crazy-crazy to us that the Washington Post, a paper known for the sort of reporting that can take down U.S. presidents, is publishing content written by a dude who invests in the companies he writes about. But what do we know.

It’s not every day you see a article like that at WIRED. And I’m not the only one how thinks this is a bit strange.

Michael Arrington, the editor of TechCrunch, posted a tweet on Twitter with the following text:

Wow. Fuck you too, Wired. http://tinyurl.com/6gg4o6

Now the comments are are pouring in – both at Twitter, but also at WIRED. And most of the comments are not happy about WIRED way of telling the Washington Post-story.

No doubt that the article by Betsy Schiffman is very personal. Just look at the URL connected to the article


Not every day that WIRED writes “butt” in their URL’s…

Perhaps WIRED are envious that TechCrunch have the tech news first or…

I don’t know – but I do know that something like this spreads like wildfire – now it’s on Twitter, FriendFeed, WIRED and…. my blog. Perhaps WIRED should have been a little more objective in their article… just a suggestion.

Calling a competitor names is not always a good idea 🙂

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