Nye trends i 2006

I følge den kendte Bulldog Reporter fra USA er følgende 10 emner de nye trends i den amerikanske PR branche i år.

Mon ikke de rammer Danmark inden længe… Læs hele historien her.

1. The PR Industry will work together to improve the public’s view of our profession with minimal initial effect. This effort will involve PR trade organizations and agencies individually. The key word above is “initial.”

2. There will be continued consolidation within the PR industry across agencies and service providers. The sale of Business Wire to Berkshire Hathaway could help speed that process.

3. One of the biggest communications challenges will be dealing with fallout from companies announcing reduced pension benefits. IBM is the most recent example.

4. Increasingly, large companies will create an internal capability to measure ROI from PR initiatives company-wide. Because agencies, vendors and service providers use different methodology it has become increasingly challenging for companies to assess ROI based on data from different outside sources.

5. New technology and services will continue to blur the lines between PR, Marketing and Advertising. For example, guaranteed placement—a form of advertising—is increasingly coming out of the PR budget.

6. Reporting inflated audience impressions to end-clients will become the next PR crisis. As companies monitor ROI more closely and guaranteed placement increasingly includes TV outlets for which Nielsen Media Research does not report a measurable audience, the measurement gap will gain the attention of CMOs.

7. People will increasingly search the web for specific video content and use new technologies outside the home to view video. Examples include Google video search, video iPods and more.

TV stations will more willingly disclose sources of outside video they use on air during news and other programs. An Ipsos-Reed survey we conducted found consumers more likely to watch stations that disclose the source of content.

9. TV stations will expand their role in the PR Video Business by openly creating shows built on paid placement. KUSA in Denver already offers paid time within its Colorado & Company show that airs at 10:00am.

10. There will be increased scrutiny on product placement within entertainment shows. FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein has made this his focus. But does it mean Donald Trump will be led away in handcuffs…not for this.


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