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Mette Freisner Johansen

1. Who would you like to be, if you could be someone else?  

Lara Croft. Always on the search of new adventures and with a clear purpose and goal in her mind. She has her team close by. She has all the necessary tools at hand, and she knows how to use them. And then she kicks a..

2. Why is a process so fascinating to you?

The process is what lies between our starting point (A) and our goal (B). We can make all sorts of analyses on the past and set up goals for the future, but the way from A to B is what defines our success.

Ever since I got elected as chair of the student council at Tisvilde elementary school in 1995, I have explored how a group of people moves from A to B when working with projects. For eight years, I have focused on training myself and others in designing and executing processes which result in success. 99% of our life is a process. And by knowing which approaches, methods and tools to use, I can facilitate that we succeed. That’s my purpose!

3. What do you wish for Christmas?

I wish that my mother, on Christmas Morning, would lie down on the couch and say: “Can you do the rest by yourself? I don’t really feel like fixing Christmas today.” For her own, her family’s and, last but not least, for my sake. As I get older, I see how I resemble my mother more and more. And I wish to be even better at enjoying the process together with those I care about instead of fixing things for others.

Peter Freisner Johansen

1. What inspires you?

I get inspired by friends, colleagues and clients, who are curious and open to new things and like to challenge themselves and others.

2. What is the best advice, you have ever given?

Listen (by the way, that’s also the best advice I have ever received).

3. The book on your nightstand is…

…covered in dust because I never open it. It’s a thriller called “Dangerous Fortune” by the Welsh author Ken Follett – the guy with “The Pillars of the Earth”. I only have to gaze over the cover, and I’m asleep.

Dennis Arnsbæk (1)

Dennis Arnsbæk

1. If I say Florence, what do you say?

Brunello, Biking and bruschetta

2. Salmon -hot or not?

Hot – if its made the Klassisk Bistro – way (red. Klassisk Bistro is a small brasserie in Aarhus)

3. If you were a magazine, what would you be called and which picture would be on your cover?

The name of the magazine would be ‘Complexity’.
The picture on the cover would be me riding a retro colnago-bike while reading Simon Sineks ‘Start With Why’.

Klaus Bødskov

1. Who inspires you the most right now?

Steve Nash the Canadian basketball player. In the last decade, he has been among the top American basketball players in the NBA-league. That’s exactly why I find him so inspirational. The man is 38 years old. Yes, it’s not much in human years but when a professional basketball player has reached this age, he is usually at the end of his career. But not Nash. Where other players slowly decline, Nash continues to stay on the top. He is the living proof that you can achieve anything as long as you are dedicated and work hard.

2. Which three things would you bring on a desert island?

You can probably sense that I’m a huge fan of basketball. If I had to go on a desert island, I could almost think of bringing a basketball. But that means I would also have to bring a basket and a floor. Even though it would be a lot of fun to play basketball on a desert island, I still think I would bring something a little bit more vital to my survival.

3. Which book are you reading right now?

In connection with my Master Thesis on measuring the effects of communication, I currently read a book called “Accountability of Communication Management”. It’s written by M. Vos and H. Schoemaker and is about how you can assess the value of communication by use of a balanced scorecard. Measuring the effects of communication is a subject I find interesting because it paves the way for self reflection and possibilities to innovate and improve oneself. For those who should be interested, the book can be found in Google Books.

Kjeld Vang

1. Finish this sentence: I don’t understand why…

… the news desk on TV doesn’t share my annoyance with the new ‘trend’ in journalism, where journalists asks: “How crucial is this meeting…?”, “How exciting is this voting…?” and the most idiotic so far: “How historic is this day in Sønderborg…?”

2. If you were an animal. Which would you be and why?

A cat. Then it would be a part my nature to be slightly arrogant and lazy.

3. Your favorite saying?

Maybe not a saying – but still true: “Hard work is good – but nothing beats fluke”.


Signe Bechmann

1. What is the most surprising you have ever done?

Getting pregnant –Everybody was astonished including my closest friends and family.

2. How is your relationship to your bike helmet?

I hate it: I feel ugly and pushy while wearing it. But for me it is a necessity because the traffic in Aarhus is crazy and I have a child so there is no excuse for not taking care of myself. I wish it was somehow possible to make fancy bike helmets and if you have ever seen one, please let me know!

3. Your son makes you happy when he..?

Do as I say!

Maj Nørgaard Christiansen

1. What is the most surprising you have ever done?

It’s hard to say. Everything I do is surprising – in particular for myself. I never know  what to expect but that is a good thing, I think. That way I always have a quick  response mechanism and I adapt very easily.

2. What is the best advice you have ever received and why?

If you don’t know what to do or what to answer, always call your mom for advice.  She’s a smart woman and you know it!

3. If you were an animal. Which would you be and why?

I would be a polar bear because I’m really cool and hot at the same time. Also I am really white and have never succeeded in getting a tan and last, I am good at breaking the ice.

Stinne Skov Bergholt

1. What’s the best decision you ever made?

My best decision was to go five months to Lyon for exchange. I had the time of my life but the best thing is that I had so much energy and can-do spirit when I came back so I got involved in a lot of projects, met new people and learned a lot of valuable things.

2. What’s something you wish everyone knew about you?

I wish everyone knew that I wrote my bachelor thesis in French; it seems to make people think I’m pretty cool.

3. What’s one of your favorite questions to ask new friends or to get a conversation going?

“Where have you been in the world?” – It always leads to interesting conversations.

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